Rothfus Statement on Final Presidential Debate

Ross Twp — Congressman Keith Rothfus released the following statement following the final Presidential Debate:

“Once again, tonight’s debate showcased the out of touch, out of control, liberal policies of Hillary Clinton,” Congressman Rothfus stated. “Hillary Clinton has now tripled down on the same big government and reckless spending policies of the Obama Administration that are crushing small businesses and working families here in Western Pennsylvania. With Hillary Clinton in the White House, the security of America will continue to be jeopardized by the same, failed foreign policy of appeasement that she showcased as Secretary of State, the border will continue to be open and our health care policies will remain, as her husband calls it, the ‘craziest thing in the world.’

“The future of our country is at stake in this election. The next President will nominate multiple Supreme Court Justices, face a $20 Trillion debt, and have to take on ISIS. The future of our country is on the ballot on November 8th and we cannot afford for Hillary Clinton to win.”