Rothfus Statement on Presidential Debate

Ross Twp — Congressman Keith Rothfus released the following statement following the 2nd Presidential Debate:

“Tonight’s debate made one thing clear,” stated Congressman Rothfus. “Hillary Clinton is the most out of touch politician in the country. How she can stand by Obamacare when even her husband calls it crazy, is baffling. How can she can claim she did nothing wrong when she sent and received classified materials on her unsecure server before deleting thousands of emails after Congress told her not too, is appalling. The American people are still waiting on her to apologize to the families of the Benghazi victims for her inaction, ineptitude and outright lies. She knew the evening of the Benghazi attack that an al Qaeda-like terrorist group attacked our consulate but she told the families and the nation it was caused by a video. Instead of apologizing, she said ‘What difference does it make?’ How out of touch can a politician be?

“The vision that Hillary Clinton has for America is one where our nation is less safe, our borders are less secure, our economy is weak but the government is more powerful. Hillary Clinton would give us a liberal Supreme Court that fights our 2nd Amendment rights and Religious Freedom. We need a President who will appoint Conservative Judges that will protect the Constitution. America can not afford Hillary Clinton.”