About Keith Rothfus


Keith Rothfus is a regular guy who ran for Congress to get our country moving in the right direction.

As the father of six children and after spending most of his career in the private sector, Keith could no longer stand on the sidelines watching bad decisions out of Washington cripple their future with limited opportunity and debt.  

In Congress, Keith’s focus is on policies that give every American the opportunity to achieve the American Dream.  More than anything else, that requires a healthy economy that has the kind of growth that generates more job opportunities and higher wages.  

That is why Keith voted for the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act to put more money in the pockets of hardworking taxpayers and to give American businesses and their workers a more competitive tax rate than competitors in China and Mexico.  Keith believes more money in your pocket is a good thing. Through the tax cuts, thousands of Western Pennsylvania families are seeing more money in their paychecks to spend as they see fit, and many employers are actually lifting wages again.

Keith will always put Western Pennsylvanians first.  That is why Keith stood up to leadership in both parties and voted against giving President Obama trade promotion authority because he knew Congress would not be able to amend bad agreements.  It is also why he stood up to his own party again and voted against budget busting, thousand pages long, trillion dollar spending bills that representatives have but a few hours to read. Keith believes your representative should actually review such major pieces of legislation.

To protect Social Security and Medicare, Keith is keeping his promise to save and secure these vital programs.  In the first instance, sustaining these vital programs requires a healthy economy that is getting people back to work.  Every time someone gets a new job, that’s more revenue coming in for Social Security and Medicare. Keith has kept his promise not to make changes to Medicare for those in or near retirement. Medicare Advantage is very popular in Western Pennsylvania, with 60% of seniors here enrolled in MA plans.  Keith wrote the law to restore the right of Medicare Advantage enrollees to switch plans, a right that Obamacare had taken away. This gives more power of choice to our seniors. Seniors did good by us in building this great country; Keith will ensure the Federal Government does right by them in protecting their benefits.  

Keith has been engaged with the Bipartisan Task Force to Combat the Opioid Epidemic, has advocated for increased funding to combat the epidemic and secured the passage of legislation to ensure that doctors are considering the anti-overdose drug naloxone as they issue opioid prescriptions.   

Recognizing that legal immigration built our country and is part of our national fabric, Keith voted to ban Federal funding from reaching ‘sanctuary cities’ that flaunt the rule of law, and he voted for funding to secure our borders.

Prior to serving in Congress, Keith served on the Board of Directors of the Veterans Leadership Program of Western Pennsylvania, an organization that provides support services to local veterans and their families.  He continues to advocate for veterans in Congress, and has worked to bring accountability to the VA to ensure our veterans get the benefits and healthcare they have earned.